Meet Our Silver sponsor, a Perth Locksmith company.

In our efforts to spread the love and joy of science across Australia, we depend a lot on the support of companies and private organizations who share the same vision. And so it is but fitting for us to feature some of these good Samaritan companies who value our ideals and contributions. This week we feature a Perth Locksmith Company, one of the biggest locksmith firms in Western Australia and a stalwart in the local community. Perth Locksmith has been a valuable sponsor and supporter of our blog and this is a good time to talk about them as a way of thanks. They are our silver sponsor, although not the main sponsor, we still highly appreciate their help.

The Perth Locksmith Company has been in business for over 24 years, starting with a small shop in Northbridge, which over time, grew into a profitable venture that now counts 20 branches all over Greater Perth and the rest of WA. One of the reasons for its continued business is its professionalism, honesty and commitment to quality service.

The company is considered the preferred choice for locks services, both residential and commercial. The company’s staff are among the best in the business: well-trained, good-mannered, trustworthy, honest and motivated to provide the optimum in customer service. Some of the services they provide are unlocking homes and cars, replacing lost keys, opening safes/vaults that have been jammed, and even designing locking systems for diverse applications. They even provide consulting services for special projects. Customers can also download a mobile app that gives direct access to the company’s 24/7 service desk, allowing the company to respond to emergency situations more efficiently at any time of the day or night.

Over the years, Perth Locksmith Company has given its support to many community activities, such as the Perth Boys and Girls Club, the Boys and Girls Scouts of Australia, the summer Cricket Club, the local City council, and the seasonal trade exhibits happening all over Perth. They regularly conduct seminars and workshops to inform and educate community members and residents on the proper way of choosing locking systems for their homes or offices, including how to evaluate locks built into old houses and buildings, a skill that comes in handy when moving into a second-hand home.

The contributions of Perth Locksmith Company to this blog have been huge and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support. They’ve been with us from the start and they will continue to be a large part of all our undertakings. May our community have more companies like them and their kind.

Removalists in Perth – Our Main Sponsor

Science Unleashed is a non for profit organisation which aim to promote and raise awareness for science. But in saying that, like other organisations, we need funds to maintain this website. So we’d like to the opportunity to showcase our main sponsor Crusader Removals. So the next time you’re searching for Perth removalists then we highly recommend these guys! The fact that they are willing to sponsor us, there is no doubt that they will bend over backwards to ensure that when you use their removal service, you will get the best service that they can possibly deliver.

As this post is to showcase our main sponsor, we will return the favour by quickly summarising the services they offer:

Crusader Removals is a highly regarded removals company in Perth. Their staff is very experienced and the company uses top notch tools to make sure your personal belongings are safe during the move. Equipped with several sized trucks, no job is too small or too big. Their pricing are also very competitive. One of the main pricing attraction is that they have no depot to depot charge! Serious! How good is that? Pretty good isn’t it?

One of the main concern that many people have when it comes to hiring a removals company is the way the removalists handle their personal items. Especially sentimental and/or fragile items. You don’t have to worry about this with these guys. They have plenty of blankets to wrap your items in to make sure that they are not damaged during the transit. They even have heavy duty plastics that you can use, for example to wrap your mattress with to ensure it doesn’t get any scruff marks. Talk about being careful! This is especially helpful when you are moving from or to a high rise apartment (up the stairs).

Once again, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you Crusader Removals for sponsoring us to maintain this website.

In the name of science

The launch of this new site was highly anticipated. Carrying on from the tradition of the old webmaster, it will continue to feature content in relation to science in general in the aim to promote and raise awareness. Although we try to make the content as accurate as possible with the available resources, it is only meant to be informational science only. So please read it at your leisure and do not take it to be 100% accurate.

Science Unleashed will primarily concentrate on Australian science and may refer to other countries from time to time. Areas covered may include (and not limited to) scientific professions, explanations, education and news.

The site will be in a blog format, with post articles published from time to time.