Welcome to Science – Unleashed! A site where science is cool and being a nerd is trendy!

The primary objective for this site is to promote and raise awareness for science in Australia. Hopefully, to demonstrate how science play a part in our everyday lives and the importance the role that scientists play in our community and society as a whole. When it comes to profession, science comes in many forms, such as biologist, chemist and physicists.

So what is science? It can be explained, in general terms here from Wiki.

Although traditionally science is seen to be as a “nerdy” subject. Science can be very cool indeed. Let’s face it, how impressed would your friends be if you can explain things scientifically? They would be very impressed. Most of us have visited Scitech in Perth. For those who have, you would of remembered the awesome time spent with family or perhaps school friends there. Little did you know you are learning and absorbing “science” at the same time.

As mentioned above, this site is to promote and raise awareness for Science in general. So if you’d like a particular topic covered, just contact us and we’ll consider including it in a future post.

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