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For those who didn’t know what asbestos is, it is a fibrous material that is common in building materials during the 1980s. Likewise, it was used in various structures, commercial and residential construction until 1990. The most usual form of it in the household includes old fibro sheets used in tiling bathrooms and kitchens, old sewage, and plumbing pipes.

However, it was proven to be hazardous and can cause cancers when inhaled, so community waste pickups and some service bin companies prohibit asbestos waste disposal. The fibers are too small to see and breathing them can damage the respiratory system. Since they are too dangerous to work with, it is highly recommended to hire licensed contractors to deal with them.

Take note that the asbestos material will be only hazardous to health if it shows degradation, wearing and tearing which will cause the fibers to spread.

If you have asbestos waste from renovations or home improvement projects, it is crucial to handle it by hiring the right service provider. Do not touch as it can get disturbed and produce dust which increases the risk of acquiring asbestosis.

When looking for one, make sure to check the following requirements:

  • Determine the weight limit as most of these service bin providers implements asbestos waste limit. Ask a local skip bin hire company like Wizz Binz, you can learn more about their skip bins here.
  • Ask what types of this waste material is acceptable by the company since there could be restrictions as well. You can also check with them if you are not sure whether a material has asbestos. The most common wastes that companies collect include asbestos cement sheets, asbestos garages and shed and asbestos cement gutters and roof sheets.
  • Research more about the companies in your short-list to see if they use high-quality materials and if they have the right facility to handle it.


What to Expect

The local government imposes heavy regulations on handling and disposing of asbestos materials. It is to ensure the health and safety of the public. In some cases, they will require you to have a licensed contractor that can handle the asbestos wastes especially if it’s a massive construction project.

Your local council may ask you to hire a service that is EPA Certified to make sure the safe removal, transport, and disposal of asbestos materials. Remember that asbestos disposal requires strict compliance and guidelines. It is to avoid significant penalties and other harmful consequences.

Managing items with asbestos also require the following process:

  • The material should be separated from other waste materials. Likewise, it should be placed in its designated bin and cannot be disposed of with non-hazardous materials.
  • It should be wrapped in piles using high-quality plastic and tape it with gaffer tape or electrical tape to prevent spreading the asbestos fibers during its transportation. Some companies won’t allow the use of packing tape and masking tapes.
  • Mark the plastic or label it with “asbestos waste.”

Always remember that hiring an asbestos skip provider will help you manage the asbestos waste properly so instead of doing it yourself, contact a professional contractor now.

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